Welcome to my online store, here you will find art created by me, Andrea Gravningen.


My paintings are one of a kind paintings painted on canvas, my art prints and posters are printet on a high quality paper in a limited amount. My art prints are also signed and numbered


- here at Brand by Andrea you will find unique artwork and posters that not everyone else has.

Andrea Gravningen

The neutral collection is a new collection of art prints all in beige tones - they look great by themselves, but they also fit perfectly together.

Signed, numbered and limited edition.

The beige collection NO2 - 50x70.jpg
NO3 - 50x70.jpg
NO5 50x70.jpg
NO4 50x70.jpg

A collection of hand picked limited edition posters that fit perfectly into the modern style.

STRAW 30x40.jpg
HIDE 30x40.jpg
Raindeer 50x70.jpg
BRIDGE 30x40.jpg

Here you can find my paintiings, both those who are ready for sale, and info on how you can special order one.



My art prints are made by me digitally - limited edition, signed and numbered.



ORG NR: 917 570 469